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FOR SALE: Beautiful, large and black colt by Fürst Dior x Governor x Future! Born April 18, 2021.

Real Dior has good hindquarters and moves upwards with a lot of elasticity and cadence! With his good movement and friendly character, this seems to become a very talented dressage horse.

Real Dior's dam line has many predicates, which makes him, in addition to being a talented sport horse, also suitable as a potential candidate for the stallion selection. Mother, Kyra-May, is a beautiful black NMK (Dutch championships) mare of 1.70m with very good gaits and a sweet character!

Real Dior is a son of Fürst Dior, who was the winner in the sport test with a 9.2 for the walk and a 9.1 for rideability. The offspring of Fürst Dior are in demand at the auctions, for example at the EDS auction a filly by this stallion was sold most expensively.
Real Dior's grandfather, Furstenball, is a top sire with 84 approved sons, including several champion stallions and international Grand Prix horses.

Real Dior is a very sweet and calm foal! He has been in the hand a lot and currently goes every day on the halter in the field. Lifting legs is no problem either.

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Vater Fürst Dior
Reservesieger, Premiehengst
Vater des Vater Fürstenball
Elite Hauptprämie premiehengst, PSG/Inter I
v.v.v. Fürst Heinrich
m.v.v. Maradonna
Elite Staatsprämie
Mutter des Vaters Silvia
v.m.v. Sir Donnerhall I
Hauptprämie, wffs-free
m.m.v. Sina
Mutter Kyra-May
prok voorl. keur
Vater der Mutter Governor
Grand Prix, wwfs-free
v.v.m. Totilas
Grand Prix, wwfs-free, prok
m.v.m. Orleans
elite pref prest prok
Mutter der Mutter Alison
Elite IBOP (drs) pref prok
v.m.m. Future
Grand Prix
m.m.m. Marly G