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This stunning tall daughter of Secret is home bred. And she is something special! We now know from sire Secret that he constantly delivers very nice, level headed and workable horses with also a lot of movement!We also know from dam Wilona that all her offspring have an exceptional mentality, are very handy and learn quickly. Half-sister Ethel still takes the crown, as a nearly 6-year-old saddle broken to be Small Tour ready 10 months later! So we also expect a lot from Persistence!She is big and she still has to develop and gain strength, but nevertheless she already shows a very good spacious and clean walk. A trot with a lot of power, suppleness, action and body use. In the canter you often see them climb so gigantic into the air for the first 3 steps, which she can't keep up considering her condition now, but is so promising! The reason we don't start with her ourselves is because we did that with one year older sister. And she was so ideal to work with, that we don't want to sell her anymore but since we can't keep everything...


Vater Secret
Vater des Vater
Mutter des Vaters
Vater der Mutter San Remo
Mutter der Mutter